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The practical side of SharePoint

Welcome to my SharePoint web site.

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Who is this guy anyway?
I like to think that I approach the topic of SharePoint from a practical point of view.  This isn't unique to me, however it provides you with a glimpse of the kind of content you might find in my blog.  SharePoint is a large complicated platform.  It can be intimidating and it can draw you into its complexities which can create extreme nerdiness.  I am trying to avoid some of that nerdiness by focusing on the use and technical aspects of SharePoint in a practical manner.  I am a SharePoint Administrator, "specialist", and IT Pro.

I was drawn in to SharePoint while working in a dual role as a Business Systems Analyst and Corporate Continuous Improvement Manager.  The organization had been implementing LEAN for a couple of years before being introduced to SharePoint.  As a long-term IT guy with new LEAN certifications, I immediately saw the connection between reducing waste and SharePoint capabilities.   SharePoint could help organizations reduce waste, improve processes, and increase productivity.  I think I said it first, back in 2007...SharePoint is a Green technology, and I stand by that statement today.

I was Honored by Christian Buckley to be included in his "One Thing" series while at the SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley June 2012, the video: The One Thing: Tony Rockwell and SharePoint 2010.

What happened to the old site?
I migrated my blog content from the old WordPress site to this snazzy SharePoint site.  The old wordpress site is still there, however I won't be updating blog posts there anymore.
It just makes sense to blog about SharePoint using the technology.



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